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This film has been an incredible process to create! We need your help to fulfill the budget and to put more into distributing this film to be seen by more people. We would like to make translations into other languages and distribute to more places. 

Thank you!

Ways to Donate

Donate with a tax deductible donation through Awakening the Domestic Church. You can donate here

Subscribe to CMAX.TV with this link! While subscriptions to CMAX.TV are not tax-deductible, 10% of all subscriptions (for life of your subscription) through this link will directly support the film. And you’ll have access to the CMAX.TV library plus be able to stream the Cantalamessa documentary!

You can send donations via check to: 

Awakening the Domestic Church, 500 Studio Dr., Suite C, Virginia Beach, VA 23452.

Thank you for your support!