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You have several screening options to help you evangelize your region! While many films can only be screened if you have reserved a large theater, paid a large licensing fee, and spending hours of planning etc… we want you to use this film to reach out to Christians from various traditions and encourage them to watch together. Hosting a screening helps show the film to more people, encourage discussion, allows time for prayer while helping us pay back the costs of the film production. Thank you! 

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This film sends a message to all the world. We are not really promoting Cardinal Cantalamessa. We are promoting the Holy Spirit using him the same way He wants to use each of us! We are not trying to simply show people that the last three popes listened to the same preacher for 40 plus years. We want to show that this is a message of Jesus Christ and Jesus is joy and hope. We want to help people understand the gifting God offers us, if we accept His offer of Grace. We need your help to touch as many souls as possible, from every Christian tradition, especially in this time when turning away from God seems to be happening on a massive scale.

- Brigette Rock, Producer

Screening Options

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Sell tickets for $10 (USD). Split the proceeds 50/50 with the film and your organization.

Free Screening

Make a donation for the screening cost and offer tickets for free.

Home Groups

License for your community home groups to watch the film in homes and small groups.

Christian Unity

Participate in our prayer for Christian unity (Jan 18-25) with online/groups in person screenings.

All Screenings Include:

Optional Add-Ons Include:

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Fundraiser Screening Program


We want to support your organization while helping more people to see the film! We have set the ticket price of $10 (USD) per person for tickets. Ticket sales will be managed through our online platform it will save you time and energy.

After our base setup expense of $250 is met, we have a $5 per person licensing fee, so your organization makes $5 per person! If you have 500 people who purchase tickets, your organization will make approximately $2,500.

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Host a Screening with Free Tickets

Free Screening

If you prefer for screenings to be free for your participants you can directly donate the screening licensing fee of $5 per person. We can still set up reservations for free tickets for you to manage the logistics.

You can go ahead and make a donation now to secure your screening or fill out our getting started survey

Watch in Small Groups

Home Groups

Does your community already meet in small groups in homes? Or do you need to avoid large gatherings? 

We actually prefer that this film be watched in small group settings that foster inviting friends and combining prayer and discussion in the screening! 

We can either provide copies of the film to be watched over the same week by your communities or host an online screening with discussion group breakouts for those not meeting in person to watch.  Get started.

The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity or Ecumenical Retreat

Christian Unity

The Unity of the Church is a high priority for each member of the clergy. Every Roman Catholic parish is responsible for the Christian Unity of their parish territory. Use this film to invite Christians of other traditions in your territory to an event during the Week of prayer for Christian Unity or Lent. We invite you to join with us to use this film as an inspiration and a starting point for an evening of prayer, reconciliation, conversion and ecumenical discussion. 

Over the course of the week of January 18-25, we will hold screenings followed by a Q&A with leading World Ecumenists.

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Please let us know about your community and your screening needs! We’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible.